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  • The Enigma Below

The Enigma Below


Plunge into the depths of "The Enigma Below," a 44×36 inch wet felted abstract that captures the enigmatic beauty of an underwater grotto. This piece is a treasure trove of marine hues and textures that beckon the viewer into a serene yet vibrant world beneath the ocean's surface.

In this underwater panorama, Iliyana skillfully manipulates felt to mimic the organic forms found in a sea cave. The viewer is invited to explore the intricate details that evoke the ocean's mysterious depths: swirls that mirror the ocean's currents, shapes that resemble rare oceanic flora, and colors that range from the sandy seafloor to the azure of the water. The careful layering of materials creates a three-dimensional effect, making "The Enigma Below" a dynamic voyage for the eyes.

With a price of $3000, including shipping, this artwork is more than a visual delight; it's an immersive experience that captures the serene and the sublime of the ocean's hidden places. It's a perfect centerpiece for those who wish to bring the essence of the deep sea into their home or office.

The enigmatic charm of this piece promises to be a conversation starter and a source of continuous discovery and admiration. Witness the allure of Iliyana's work at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa, or secure this oceanic gem for your collection today.

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