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  • Honey Creek

Honey Creek


Step into the timeless majesty of "Honey Creek," a 30×60 inch felting masterpiece that captures the raw and enduring beauty of Honey Creek's most majestic rock walls. Iliyana has exquisitely translated her backpacking memories into a tangible panorama, where each fold and crevice speaks of the Earth's ancient narratives.

Crafted with a profound understanding of the natural world's palette, this piece is an homage to the millennia of erosion that have sculpted the geological wonders of the Honey Creek hiking area in Tennessee. Iliyana's use of color is both faithful and imaginative, reflecting the hues she witnessed—those that have been shaped by nature's patient artistry.

This artwork is a celebration of texture, color, and the spirit of adventure that calls us to explore the wild. Priced at $3600, including shipping, "Honey Creek" is a significant acquisition for any art collector. It's an invitation to possess a segment of Tennessee's rugged splendor, meticulously felted to evoke the same sense of awe that the artist felt in the presence of these impressive rock formations.

Whether displayed in a contemporary city loft or a rustic country home, this piece will command attention, drawing the viewer into a dialogue with the ancient world. Own a piece of Iliyana's profound outdoor experience and bring the essence of Honey Creek into your space.

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